Field Trips

4-Programs_Field Trips1As a community education based program, we value our community-and what better way to teach our children about the community and the world around us then taking them to visit and explore it! Here at Discovery Gardens Family Childcare we believe that young children know the world by their five senses:

  • What their eyes have seen
  • What their ears have heard
  • What their hands have touched
  • What their noses have sniffed
  • What their mouths have tasted

4-Programs_Field Trips2Our field trips are designed to promote diversity, literacy, and awareness of our community and of oneself. Field trips are a great way to promote an active healthy life style, as well as assist in our classroom curriculum.

Some of our regular field trips include:

  • Library
  • Puppet shows
  • Roller-skating
  • Parks
  • Walks around the neighborhood
  • Children museums
  • Zoo
  • Pumpkin patch
  • OMSI
  • Community Centers
  • And much more

Our Mission

As a community based education program, Discovery Gardens pledges to provide a safe, diverse, enthusiastic & inclusive learning environment, where the number one focus is meeting the individual needs of each child, while providing support for our families.

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