Healthy Food Program

4-Programs_Healthy Foods1Children need a healthy balance of whole grains, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. A source of calcium is vital for their growing bones. Foods give us the vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that we need to build high-quality bodies. We have designed menus that keep this in mind.

It has been an on-going debate between parents and educators that sugar and other carbohydrates can dramatically impact a child’s behavior, and especially their activity levels.

4-Programs_HealthyFoods2It is very important to us that we are giving your child every opportunity to grow big, strong and healthy in every way possible. We have an outdoor and movement specialist that works with the children in our gardens and exploring new foods, promoting nutrition and fitness.


What Discovery Gardens Childcare Offers

We offer a healthy breakfast and snacks full of fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy whole grains, to all children every day. Our families bring sack lunches for their children. We are not a peanut free childcare however we do have a couple of classrooms that do currently have children with peanut allergies and we ask our families not to bring peanut butter, using an alternative such as almond butter and to be mindful of granola bars and other things that could possibly harm our children with allergies. Our teachers will communicate any concerns regarding classroom allergies. We believe in communication and working together as a community to make sure all children are being able to have the best diet as well as being respectful to all families needs.

Some Fun Ideas to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Involving young children in food preparation and food serving promote learning and appreciation for a wide variety of foods. Young children can participate in some steps in most recipes. Some helpful resources for involving children in the kitchen can be found through the USDA website.

Our Mission

As a community based education program, Discovery Gardens pledges to provide a safe, diverse, enthusiastic & inclusive learning environment, where the number one focus is meeting the individual needs of each child, while providing support for our families.

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