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As a parent, you want to feel comfortable that you have chosen the right daycare for your children. Childcare that not only meets, but also exceeds your family expectations. At Discovery Gardens, you will find that we are dedicated to helping ALL families by providing affordable, high quality and reliable childcare.

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Henry and Luna saying hi!

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Happy Monday everyone! I just want to make sure everyone pays close attention to August News letter. Rate Changes and late tuition deadline changes, will be discussed.
Debit cards and Automatic withdrawals will also be available for a fee, starting July 25, 2017.

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Tonight was so beautiful to see all of the families that joined us at our annual butterfly release! Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the festivities! Thank you to everybody who helped, supported and wished us well. These are the type of moments that allow us to have the opportunity to connect with our families. We are truly blessed, to have such a wonderful and supportive group of families that trust us and allow us to be a part of their families on a day-to-day basis!

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Good morning –

Please note that Britax announced a recall today on the chest clip on Britax B-Safe 35 car safety seats manufactured between November 1, 2015 and May 31, 2017. Please see the recall information


As one of our valued partners, we are making you aware of a recall Britax announced today in cooperation with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and other regulatory authorities. This recall involves the chest clip on certain B-Safe 35, B-Safe 35 Elite and BOB B-Safe 35 infant car seat models manufactured between Nov. 1, 2015 and May 31, 2017 as identified on www.bsafe35clip.com.

We determined that the center tab on the chest clip – on certain infant car seat models – can break presenting a choking hazard to an infant in the car seat. There have been no choking injuries. We’re announcing the recall out of an abundance of caution.

Users can continue to safely use the affected car seats if they remove the chest clip or monitor the center tab of the chest clip for signs of breakage. The chest clip is not a required safety device: it is added to the harness system to help position the shoulder straps.

If your audience should ask you any questions regarding this recall, please direct them to visit www.bsafe35clip.com where they can follow these steps:

B-Safe 35-DOM Label Location
1. Look for the Date of Manufacture (DOM) label on the back of the infant car seat shell.

2. Compare the DOM details to the model numbers and date range listed on the site.

3. If your seat is affected and you registered your seat, you will automatically be sent a free replacement chest clip.

4. If your seat is affected and you didn’t register your seat, you can order your free kit on www.bsafe35clip.com.

5. Until you receive your replacement chest clip, you can continue to safely use the car seat as long as you remove your current chest clip or monitor the center tab of the chest clip for signs of breakage.

6. Before installing the new replacement chest clip, review the printed step-by-step instructions and/or watch the how-to video on the site.

7. Do not return product to the retailer.

Model/Serial Numbers Affected
Model Numbers
Dates of Manufacture
B-Safe 35 & Travel Systems

B-Safe35-Red-R-300RGB.jpg B-Agile-2017-B-Safe35-TS-Separate-Black-R-300RGB.jpg
US: E1A183F, E1A185M, E1A185P, E1A186R, E1A203F, E1A205M, E1A205P, E1A206X, E1A206Z, E1A207E, E9LU65V, E9LU66X, E9LU66Z, E9LU67D, E9LU67E, EXA185M
S02063600, S02063700, S03803400, S03803500, S03803700, S03803800, S03803900, S04144400, S04144500, S04144600, S04145000, S04402800, S04884200, S04884300, S04975600, S04978900, S05260200, S06020300, S06020400, S06020500, S06020600, S06020700, S06020800, S06020900, S06147100, S921800

CANADA: E1A193F, E1A195M, E1A195P, E1A196X, E1A196Z, E9LV16R, E9LV17D
S04144700, S04144800, S04144900, S04183700, S04183800, S04437700, S04884400, S04884500, S06051400, S06051500, S06051600, S06051700, S06051800

ISRAEL: E1A233F, E1A235M, E1A235P, E1A236X
November 1, 2015 (2015/11/01) through
May 31, 2017 (2017/05/31)
B-Safe 35 Elite & Travel Systems

B-SAFE 35 Elite-Vibe-R-300RGB.jpgB-Agile-2016-B-Safe 35 Elite-TS-Separate-Cowmooflage-R-300RGB.jpg
US: E1A215T, E1A215U, E1A216P, E1A221Q, E1A225C, E1A225U, E1A226L, E9LS51Q, E9LS56C, E9LS56L, E9LS57F, E9LS57G, E9LS57H, EXA216L
S01298600, S02063800, S02063900, S02064000, S04281200, S04281300, S04628500, S06018800, S06020000, S06020200, S06051300, S923700

CANADA: E9LV21Q, E9LV26C, E9LV26L, E9LV27F, E9LV27G, E9LV2Q8
S01298700, S04184000

BOB B-Safe 35 by Britax

US: E9LT34A, E9LT34C, E9LT35X, EXLT34A


Because we want to be completely transparent, we would appreciate if you could share the following messaging with your community(ies):

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Happy Father’s Day to all of our wonderful fathers! Enjoy your day ☺️

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Friendly Reminders

Family Time
You can buy children anything in the world, but nothing will compare to the memories you make with them. SUMMERTIME

Lunch Time!
All locations of Discovery Gardens has a NO PEANUT policy. We also do not allow the children to bring in/consume any soda pop or candy. Please remember not to send your children to school with these items in their lunches; if brought to school we will send them back in their lunch bags.

As Weather Permits
Weather conditions are changing so rapidly, we want to remind parents to make sure to dress & pack your children accordingly. Please send your children with sunscreen, sun hats, extra shoes, extra change of clothing and their smiling faces. Please remember the children will be going outside to embrace the warm sunshine taking nature walks and playing outdoors.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7am-530pm


“My grand kids have attended all 3 centers and this was their 2nd location. We love the space that they have to offer inside. The teachers are warm and welcoming. This child care comes highly recommended from myself and my family”

“Our daughter has been attending the Lombard location for over a year and a half. We love the friendly staff there. Her teachers are incredible and she is always excited to go in the mornings and see her friends. I really appreciate all of the artwork they do with the toddlers. We have been so happy with their care.”

“Discovery Gardens is a great place to send your child. When I drop my son off in the mornings,there’s always a smile and a helping hand!”

“Discovery Gardens Daycare is an absolutely amazing institution. We were so very impressed by the teachers and staff looking after our child. Our daughter was there as an infant and toddler. The daycare has a fantastic curriculum set up for children that provides excellent learning formats that are fun and educational. Ms. Netra and her team are truly wonderful. We would recommend this daycare to any family!”

Our Mission

As a community based education program, Discovery Gardens pledges to provide a safe, diverse, enthusiastic & inclusive learning environment, where the number one focus is meeting the individual needs of each child, while providing support for our families.

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